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119905/08/17Criminal Research Analyst - GA 05-2017Flowery Branch, GA
119104/12/17Software Developer - 05-2017,
119204/13/17Criminal Research SupervisorFlowery Branch, GA
119705/03/17Courthouse Research Specialist - TN - ColumbiaColumbia, TN
119805/04/17Courthouse Research Specialist - TN - Spring HillSpring Hill, TN
120405/26/17Director of Operations - GA 05-2017Flowery Branch, GA
120807/06/17Courthouse Records Specialist - TN - GibsonGibson, TN
120907/11/17GPRS Field Operations Supervisor - 07-2017Various, GA
121007/13/17Vendor Support SpecialistPurcellville, VA
121107/14/17Criminal Research Analyst - VA - 07-2017Purcellville, VA
121207/15/17Operations Supervisor Flowery Branch, GA

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